Campus announcements

New Students - Get Started event

If you are a student joining NSCC in September, or you are interested
in one of the campus programs ... please join us.  The agendas are below.

Get Started Agenda - Burridge Campus
Tuesday 23 May - 6:00 8:45 pm

Get Started Agenda - Digby Learning Centre
Wednesday 24 May - 6:00 8:00 pm

Posted:  Thursday 4 May 2017


Math Refresher

Free 15-hour course runs Tuesday and Thursday

August 8, 10, 15, 17, 22 and 24

6:30 to 9:00 pm - Burridge Campus


Link to Registration Form

Posted:  Thursday 4 May 2017


Business Administration - September 2017

Course lists, Elective forms, Schedules


This link provides information for both year and year 2 programs starting in September 2017.  This includes Business Administration year 1 and year 2, and Office Administration.  This information is for both Burridge Campus and Digby Learning Centre.

Instructions and Information (click here)

Complete the Elective Form and return it to the office of your Academic Chair
by Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Posted:  Friday 31 March 2017


Concentration selection - BA and IT programs


Students in year 1 of the Business Administration program and the Information Technology program, who will have completed all year 1 courses, by the end of this academic year, must complete a Concentration Request Form which will allow them to request a specific concentration at a specific campus.

Instructions - complete the form and return it to the office of your Academic Chair.

Business Administration
  Concentration Selection Form - Print
  Concentration Selection Form - Digital version
  Concentration Options for BA students
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Contact names at other campuses
Information Technology
  Concentration Selection Form - Print
  Concentration Selection Form - Digital version
  Concentration Options for IT students
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Contact names at other campuses


Posted:  Monday 15 February 2017


Graduate to Opportunity
(NS employer program to hire graduates)

                  Fact Sheet                            One-Page Description                   Provincial website

New graduates have a lot to bring to your company:
Knowledge. Skill. Loads of energy.

And the province will help with their salary.

If you have a new, permanent, full-time job for a recent graduate, theGraduate to Opportunity program will cover 25% of their salarythe first year they’re on the job and 12.5% the second year.


The program is available to Nova Scotia employers who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A company with fewer than 100 employees, and/or
  • A start-up company incorporated within two years of the application date, and/or
  • Social enterprise, not-for-profit organization, or registered charity, with recognized standing

The job has to be based in Nova Scotia and pay at least $30,000.
We will provide the incentive up to salaries of $60,000.

In order to qualify, the new employee must have graduated from a post-secondary program within one year of the date the funding application is received.

“The skills, knowledge and creativity that (our new graduate) brought with him
are already leading to new product lines and export opportunities,
and our efficiency has gone through the roof.”

                                               ~ Heaton Rosborough, CEO, Rosborough Boats


  • Visit NS Website:
  • Register for our online information system (LaMPSS)
  • Submit application through LaMPSS

Posted:  Monday 23 January 2017


Student Awards Online Application


We have spent a great deal of time and energy re-vamping our webpages to make sure you can have all of your questions answered about our student awards program. Our link is and when you visit make sure to check out all of the tabs on the side bar.  We’ve provided helpful resources including FAQs, application instructions and tips, common mistakes, and more.

Did you know that NSCC Awards is also on social media? Make sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed at the links on the screen. By following us, you will be alerted of all awards related updates and announcements and you’ll gain access to information on external award postings sent to us from our outside partners and community organizations.

Helpful links ...


Posted:  Monday 23 January 2017


Setting a SharePoint ALERT

  Students should set an  Alert  to their program section on the Campus SharePoint site.  Each program section will contain an Announcements section and a Calendar section for the program.  Faculty will notify students of events by posting an Announcement.  Due dates for assignments, tests, etc are posted in the Calendar.  If a student has set an Alert to each of these sections then the student will automatically receive an email when either section has an addition ... new announcement or new calendar item.

Link to Instruction Sheet to set Alerts to Announcements and your program Calendar.


Posted:  Monday 23 January 2017


NSCC TV Commercials


NSCC has launched several new commercials for both TV and theatres.



Posted:  Monday 23 January 2017


Campus videos


Burridge Campus has several videos which will help you appreciate the variety of activities happening at the campus.

Visit to Burridge Campus

Campus greenhouse and community garden

Provincial environmental award

Eastlink Magazine - AMCA program