Forms for Students


  Academic Document Request

This form is used by current or former students to provide evidence to an outside agency or employer of the time they spent at NSCC.  We can mail the form or fax it.


    Application for Credit

This form is used for transferring credits, applying for a RPL (Recognizing Prior Learning) or challenging a course. As the form explains, you must included copies of transcripts and/or detailed documentation supporting your request.


   Application to change original concentration request

If a student would like to change their requested concentration, while they are still in their first year, then this form must be completed and given to Student Services for processing.  If the new concentration being requested is at another campus then Student Services will contact the other campus to determine if room still exists in the requested concentration.


   Medical Disclosure Form This form needs to be completed only by students who wish to disclose medical conditions that may impact their education at NSCC Burridge Campus.
   Online course request form

Register for an online course.  This form is only used when the student is paying for the course, which will happen if this course(s) is being used to replace a completed which the student was not successful in.  If any additional information is required place connect with you Campus Registrar (Jennifer Gavel).

   Program Withdrawal Form To officially withdrawal from a program or change programs.  This will keep your transcript accurate and allow the processing of possible tuition reimbursement.